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Viajes Cubanacán offers you the possibility of moving freely through your favorite places. Enjoy the island good things to the full with the car rental programs we design for our clients.
Flexi, Fly & Drive
By practicing this modality you can choose the places you want to visit, rent your favorite car and select any of the more of 100 hotels associated to this product throughout the country.
Fly & Drive
This modality, supported by the professional assistance provided by our representatives, offers you car rental, guaranteed accommodation and a predefined program that will allow you to know amazing sites of the Cuban archipelago.
Make your own choice
Make your own choice is the combination of Cuban family houses with different categories of rented cars. This program establishes a minimum of six nights of accommodation and a similar amount of car rental days and therefore every accommodation night is equivalent to a car rental day. The program is widely supported and very flexible for the reservation of accommodation at Cuban family houses. This product has two modalities:
House + Car: Package including accommodation in Cuban family houses and the rent of cars from different categories.
House + Car Plus: Package including accommodation in Cuban family houses and the rent of cars from different categories, discount bonuses in Palmares chain restaurants and in several excursions operated by Viajes Cubanacán.